Incident Items

How To Be A Girl (In The World Without Dying)

An incident item is something that you can rely on in the moment when something potentially dangerous is happening to either:

a) Help get you out of the danger


b) Help alert someone to assist you. 


There are a variety of different types of self-defense and personal defense items to choose from. I've met girls who carry pocket knives and girls who prefer pepper spray. Because there are so many different things out there, I'm only going to highlight a few key ones that I think are especially good for travelers. My own personal definition for the two major categories of items is as follows:

Defense Weapon - a device that is intended to protect an individual by inflicting extensive harm upon the attacker

Defense Object - a device that is intended to protect an individual by assisting them in escaping a dangerous situation while causing minimal damage to the assailant 

For the purpose of this section, I will be talking about Defense Objects as opposed to Defense Weapons. This is primarily because weapons like tasers, knives, and even pepper spray are often difficult to hold onto in all situations when travelling. Laws can vary widely across borders when it comes to the types of things you're allowed to carry on your person.


These type of keychains typically have sharp edges and finger holes that effectively turn them into a mini pair of brass knuckles. 

While they are obviously meant to do some damage, they are far from lethal and will not deal any extensive wounds. But they can be just enough to get someone to let go of you and provide enough room for you to put some distance between yourself and the threat.

They can also be cute. I like the ones that look like cats.

Personal alarms have been my go-to safety accessory for years. In most cases, they are nothing more than a little plastic shape with a metal rod linked to a key ring. You pull on the key ring and it will detach, which causes the alarm to go off.

(Personally, I don't attach them to my keys because the ring gets pulled out too easily.)

These obviously aren't going to hurt anyone, but they do a fairly good job of getting attention. Even if no one immediately comes rushing to save you, it's the kind of thing that will at least cause people to glance out their doors and windows to what the noise is about and potentially call the police for you.

And in many cases, the sound itself is enough to deter a would-be attacker.



Regardless of what you carry, it should have a few key characteristics:

Easy to Carry

Easy to Use

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